Two days focused on wine and football in which past and modern stories are tell, in which you will be able to taste fine bottles of Barolo from Monforte.
Everything will take place in the spectacular setting of the medieval village of Monforte d'Alba.

The dinner has limited places andreservation is required
Tickets for the tasting can be purchased on site.
A free BaroloBoys shuttle service will be available fromthe car park to the event venue

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BAROLO di Monforte d'Alba

Adriano Fratelli
Alessandria Gianfranco
Benevelli Piero
Bolmida Silvano
Broccardo Filippo
Cà Brusà
Cascina Amalia
Cascina Carrà
Cascina Sòt
Castello di Perno
Clerico Aldo
Clerico Domenico
Conterno Aldo
Conterno Diego

Conterno Giacomo
Conterno Fantino
Conterno Franco
Conterno Paolo
Fenocchio Giacomo
Ghisolfi Attilio
Giordano Paolo
Grasso Elio
Manzone Giovanni
Manzone F.lli
Margherita Otto
Parusso Armando
Podere Gagliassi
Poderi Ruggeri Corsini

Pressenda Diego
Principiano Ferdinando
Principiano Giuseppe
Rocca Giovanni
Rocche dei Manzoni
Roddolo Flavio
Saffirio Josetta
Sandri Elio
Scaletta Simone
Seghesio F.lli
Seghesio Renzo
Tenuta Rocca
Tre Pile
Vezza Sara

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Friday May 26


    Typical dinner in the magnificent terrace of Moda Restaurant Venue, in the heart of the historic center of Monforte d'Alba in which you can taste great dishes sitting at the table with the winemakers present at the event. Great bottles, selected from the historical vintage of the producers, combine the whole dinner.
    Cost: 120 euro

    Limited seating, reservation required

Saturday May 27


    Moda Ristorante Venue, Case della Saracca.
    Exclusive tasting of Barolo from Monforte d’Alba with the producers.
    Tasting cost: 40 euro
    (no reservation)

  • h 18.18 THIRD TIME

    Osteria In Piazza.
    Music and aperitif

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Moda Ristorante Venue

Medieval building with unique wall fortifications in the heart of Monforte d'Alba. Renewed reusing almost all the original materials, respecting the external architecture of the place. The building is called Moda Ristorante Venue for it is meant to be a place dedicated to fashion ( Moda in Italian). It is a versatile and modern space but at the same time it is as welcoming as any other typical houses in the Langhe area. Moda Ristorante Venue has been inaugurated in summer 2012, during the first edition of “The Barolo Boys in...offside”


Le Case della Saracca

Le Case della Saracca is located in the higher and oldest part of Monforte d'Alba. The restoration of the building maintained the medieval atmosphere and look of the original structure, but innovative and technological solutions were created to offer all the comfort for a high-level hospitality.


Osteria Pizzeria In Piazza

On the center of Monforte d'Alba, in Umberto I° Square, colored tables and chairs sourronded by barrels are the framework for an evening with music and good beers.